Service Plans

 Build Your Own Site and Point It to Your Domain

As low as $15 a month - No Billing Until Your Site Up and Running!   

        • Use Any Venataur Template to build your Web 2.0 Site Design
        • Use all tools Venataur has to offer including built-in blogs, forms of any kind, e-mailing lists, slideshows, In the News sections, stat counters, html snippets, file areas, and much more
        • Access to tutorials regarding use of Web 2.0 HTML embeds



        • Fully built websites including content utilizing the latest web 2.0 tools
        • Viral Marketing Campaigns if applicable (Flickr, YouTube, social bookmarking, and network link building)
        • Websites pricing ranges from small businesses around $1500

                          Restaurants, Auto Body, Law Firms, Pet shop, Professional Photographers - Unlimited Pages

        • Medium businesses around $4000 - 50-100 Employees,  Large File Upload Areas


To contact about an estimate for a Re-Design or Custom Built Site fill out the form below and we will respond within 48 hours.

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